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Get Clean

Seqre Wipe


Each box includes: 8 shoe wipes, 8 bag wipes, 16 hand wipes

Why we made this

We’ve got you! Made with travel and ease of carry in mind.  Keep us in your wallet, clutch purse, fanny pack, or pocket!  Bust it out and remind yourself you’re seqre’d.


No animals were harmed in the making of these wipes!

How To Use

  1. Choose Your Weapon: Select your cleaning wipe.  Shoe wipes have more texture to really get your gross ooey gooeys out.  The bag wipe is softer and more tender.
  2. Let it Unfold! Unfold that wipe wrap it around your pointer finger or use all fingers and gently stroke it! ︎ Don’t be scared to get in the groove and remind yourself how fresh and clean you are.  Remember we got that magic touch.  Use a little extra pressure on stubborn spots.
  3. Shine bright like a diamond. You’ll start seeing your things come to life.  
  4. Cue Beyoncé fan… actually let your shoes air-dry for a few minutes.
  5. Use the hand wipe and wipe those hard working hands.  Take another look at your magic hands, rub your fingers, remind yourself how awesome you are. 
  6. Now you’re SEQRE.  Go out there and do your thing.


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Monday Nov 5 2018